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Crestview Elementary School

Jared Kitchens -- Gifted and Talented -- S.T.E.A.M.

In response to the recent healthcare concerns, obviously my schedule has changed.  Please see the Choice-Board below for GT activities to supplement what you're already doing.  Remember to have fun, and if anything gets too frustrating, step back and try to tackle again in a different way.  The great part is that your whole family can get involved!
GT Parents, please sign up for the GT Remind class to receive important communication from the GT Teacher:



Pick any 3 to do this week.  Pick another 3 next week.

How to draw a

 scarab beetle.

  All you need is paper and pencil.
 You may color it, too!

 drawing a scarab beetle

Write a message in hieroglyphs to someone in your family.   Challenge them to decode it!

hieroglyphic alphabet

Extra Challenge: Practice and memorize the hieroglyphs so you can write them without looking at the hieroglyph paper.

friendly kids



  • Make a picture for someone
  • Clean up without being asked
  • Let a sibling go first
  • Make a handmade gift
  • Write someone a nice letter.
Build a PYRAMID out of anything you have around your house. (plastic cups, blocks, Legos etc.)





Q: What goes ha-ha-ha-ha, thud?

A: A mummy laughing its head off.


Search your device's App Store for this App!




 escape game icon


 In ancient Egypt, the land of Cleopatra and the pharaohs, among the ruins of the temples, find their way out.

So many puzzles to solve, rooms to explore, secrets to discover.

An intriguing 3d puzzle game that will take you to explore the temples of ancient Egypt.




Be sure to check out this App about King Tut!


 tut360 icon


 Explore Tutankhamun’s tomb as if you were the first person to discover it!
Take an ultra-real 3D tour of the boy

 king's final resting place.

chalk drawing

If you have chalk go outside and write a positive message on your driveway for others to see.  Add a cool picture to go with it!

Write a comic strip about an Egyptian god or goddess.  Be sure to include your special power.
egyptian gods
we lovechoices
I'm the Gifted and Talented teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary and Crestview Elementary. I have been teaching at Frenship since 2003, and I've taught GT since 2009.  I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2000 with a degree in Psychology, and then I got my Master's Degree in Elementary Education in 2004.  I taught 2nd grade at Crestview for 7 years, and this is my 17th year overall.
GT Parents, please sign up for the GT Remind class to receive important communication from the GT Teacher:
Mon CV-- 1st Grade OR--4th Grade
Tues OR -- 2nd/3rd OR-- 5th Grade
Wed CV -- 2nd Grade CV -- 4th Grade
CV CV -- 3rd Grade CV- 5th
Fri Testing PLC-- planning