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Crestview Elementary School

Kindness Can be Found Wherever You Look at Crestview Elementary

fly guyBe Kind. That is what Crestview Elementary staff and students chose as their theme for the 2019-2020 school year. How to be kind and what that looks like has been shown through many examples from teachers and small acts with students. Choose to be kind and look for the good is the message students at Crestview are receiving every day. 
First-grade students dove into a reading lesson featuring works from the author Tedd Arnold. His “Fly Guy” books sparked the interests of the group of first-graders and they decided to write letters directly to the author. Students told him about what they appreciated in his books, including technical features like quotation marks and chapter headings, along with funny illustrations.
However, first-grade student, Roven Agpaoa, noticed something different about Tedd Arnold’s books. In her letter, she wrote, “Fly Guy and Buzz are kind to each other!” Roven recognized acts of kindness between the characters and decided to write to Mr. Arnold about the kindness that she saw in his stories.
Mrs. Wimberley, a first-grade teacher, said "Books are powerful! They enrich our lives and help us evaluate the world. I'm so proud that this sweet girl noticed the kind characters in Mr. Arnold’s books."
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