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Crestview Elementary School

Returning Home 40 Years Later: Celebrating the FHS Class of 1983

What was once a small rural school in the country is now a district with 15 campuses. Over the years the class of 1983 has been able to admire the growth and expansion of the district. 

“I have lived away from Wolfforth/Lubbock for a long time, and it is amazing to see how Frenship has grown and is well known across Texas!  Frenship was rural and out in the country in the 80's,” said Susie Griffin, class of 1983 alumni. “Wolfforth and Lubbock are growing toward each other, it’s not a rural school or area anymore.  It’s shocking to hear that a second high school is needed! When we were at Casey Elementary, the school was growing and there weren't enough classrooms, so they brought in barracks from Reese Air Force Base for additional classrooms.” 

While the class of 1983 was in high school, Frenship was classified as a 3A school, playing a variety of local teams.  

“We would play against Slaton, Roosevelt, Cooper, Post, Denver City, Tahoka, Brownfield, Lorenzo, and Dimmit. We were the small but mighty Fighting Tigers,” said Griffin. 

The 1983 reunion festivities start on September 15 where the alumni will be attending the Homecoming Pep Rally, Homecoming Tailgate, and Homecoming football game. On September 16, they will get the opportunity to walk the halls of their old high school, which is now Frenship Middle School.  

The reunion wraps up with a dinner, a slideshow sharing images of old memories, a trivia game to test their knowledge, a memorabilia display, and a memorial to honor classmates who have passed away. Alumni from 1982 and 1984 are attending the events as well.  

The class is very excited to see their old stomping grounds and reconnecting with old classmates.  

“It has been over 40 years for many of us!  We are all looking forward to seeing how things have changed and what is the same,” said Griffin. 

Welcome home class of 1983, we are excited to celebrate with you!